Photo courtesy of KMW Photography Olympia, WA

The day I read my first comic book, I knew I would be an artist. My grandfather was an architect and always encouraged my drawings, and my dad vowed I'd never want for paper and pencils. Because of that support, art has always played a major role in every job I've ever had. When I'm not developing brands, I paint, draw comics, and build any piece of furniture my friends asks for.

But if there's one thing I'm good at, it's knowing how to showcase what someone can only imagine and leading the charge to deliver an amazing product or design.

I can help anyone visualize, articulate, create, and communicate to others what is in their head.

There is nothing I love more than crafting an experience with lasting memories through the use of creative design because I believe life is never more fulfilling than when we are being creative.

I currently reside in Seattle, WA, but the world is my playground.